Developing Cooperationship with RIA1 and VIFEP for investigating the current status of Vietnam mariculture

Posted date: 03/01/2019
A meeting between the Vietnam Seaculture Association (VSA), Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 1 (RIA 1) and Vietnam’s Institute of Fisheries Economics and Planning (VIFEP) to promote collaborarionin investigation of the current status of marine farming in Vietnam was convened on February 13rd, 2019, at the RIA 1’s Headquarter, Tu Son town, Bac Ninh province.

Representatives from relevant organizations attended the event was comprised of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Dzung - VSA’s President, Dr Tran The Muu - RIA1’s Deputy Director, Dr Nguyen Thanh Tung - VIFEP’s Director and associated staff under VSA, RIA1 and VIFEP.

First line from the left: Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Dr. Nguyen Huu Dung, Dr. Tran The Muu and staffs.

To open the meeting, Dr. Nguyen Huu Dzung shared key points on present trend in seafood industry in both global and local levels. And particularly he emphasized in the strong demand on sustainable development of industrial mariculture in the world as well as future directions for the mariculture industry in Vietnam. Based on urgent needs of the sector, interests, professional knowledge and available resources of relevant instituteshe proposed a cooperation agreement within the Parties in developing and implementing a project on census survey to assess the current status of marine farming in Vietnam. The outstanding results of this survey will be concrete evidences/base that shall be very much benefited to both central and local governments in developing strategies/plans to achieve sustainable sound mariculture industry nationwide.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tung emphasized the importance of implementation of the proposed survey on marine farming. He also added that “The survey is very necessary and very useful for the Vietnamese seafood industry, which is the foundation to serve Resolution 36-NQ/TW on the Vietnam’s strategy of sustainable development of marine economics to 2030, with a vision to 2045”.

Dr. Tran The Muu reflected his great agreement with proposals made by both VSA and VIFEP and he alsoprovided a number of proposals on zoning focused on investigating the situation of marine farming. In addition, he expressed his personal willingness to cooperate and support the Association to complete the task. Accordingly. the Leadership Board of the RIA1 will discuss and propose a specific cooperation plan.

Huyen Ngan.

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